AQS (Midlands) Ltd.


Schedules of Condition & Inventories


AQS can provide schedules of condition consisting of high detailed reports on the condition of a

building and its contents backed by a full photographic survey in

PDF format to allow easy distribution.


Our expertise in construction allows any defects and faults to be noted along with

comments on the condition of every visible element of the building and its grounds.


Visible faults such as structural failings and roof damage can be referred to the relevant experts

to allow further investigation if required and suggestion of possible remedies.


Inventories can be produced using the same process but scheduling the non fixed contents

of the building such as furniture and fittings and commenting on any damage found.


These reports are used for many reasons but are particularly useful for fully repairing leases.

They protect both tenants and landlords form any unforeseen costs by capturing the

exact condition of a building and or its contents at the start of a lease meaning the

tenant is not liable for any disrepair that occurred before they signed the lease

whist allowing the landlord to identify any damage that has

occurred during the period of the lease.